​How to Clean Jack Lalanne Power Juicer [Important Facts for You]

If you are into juicing fresh vegetables and fruits, you want to consider getting yourself the Jack Lalanne juicer. Why? It offers great convenience when it comes to juicing.

If you already own this appliance, then you must be having the time of your life! It is easy to use but how is the cleaning process?

For one, the device comes with a special tool meant for removing the blade for faster cleaning. This should give you some hope as far as ease of cleaning goes.


As you contemplate cleaning your juicer, you want to keep in mind that this appliance comes with separate parts all of which are supposed to be cleaned individually.

There is the main unit, which of course, is the largest and contains the actual juicing part. We also have the base, receptacle, the blade, crescent tool, pulp guard, lid, filter, plunger, and pulp collector.

Those are many parts and we can bet that this is already discouraging you. Not to worry though; the cleaning process is not as difficult as you may imagine and we are here to help.

Let us get right into how to clean a Jack Lalanne power juicer.

Cleaning Method for Jack Lalanne Power Juicer

As we said, the cleaning process is not a complex or difficult one. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1

The first thing you want to do is switch off the appliance by pressing the power button at the back of the appliance.

Wait for the motor to stop running and unplug the power cord from the power output. Do this with dry hands to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Step 2

Next, disassemble the juicer. As you detach each part, put it on a clean surface or on top of paper towels. 

Disassembling involves detaching the pusher from the chute, pulling the locking bar towards you, removing the pulp guard and lid, and taking out the blade from the unit.

Handle the blade with care to avoid being cut.

Step 3

Using a damp sponge or piece of cloth, carefully wipe the juicer’s base. Never attempt to spray the base with cleaners or submerge it in water.

Abrasive cleaners or sponges are likely to damage the finish so avoid them.

Step 4

At this point, you can either toss the disassembled parts in the dishwasher for cleaning or fill your sink with warm water and mix it with mild detergent.

Wash the parts and rinse them under clean running water. Use a towel to dry these parts off or allow them to air dry.

Note: If you want to use the dishwasher, check the manual to see if all the parts are dishwasher safe.

Step 5

To clean the blade and filter, you want to rinse them under running water and use a soft-bristled brush to scrub.

Rinse again in clean water before drying them with a clean towel.

Step 6

Now that all the parts are clean, you want to dry them manually or allow them to air dry. After that, you want to reassemble the juicer plug it into a power source and switch it on.

This is to spin out any remaining water. You can now store your juicer away for future use.

Tips for Cleaning the Juicer

That wasn’t so hard, was it? We do not think so. Anyway, there are several tips that can make cleaning your juice easier.

Here are some of them.

Use a Drip Catcher

As your appliance sits, it is likely to drip and ultimately make a mess. To avoid this, you want to place a drip catcher or small tray at the base of the juicer.

This will keep any drips from getting to the counter hence making the cleaning process easier.

Use a Liner for the Pulp Container

Have you noticed how messy the pulp container gets? You can bet that it will be a hassle to clean. You can make it easier by lining the container with a plastic bag. Sort of like what you do with your garbage can.

By doing this, you will be able to remove the pulp in the container in a single swoop. Ensure that your plastic bag has no holes otherwise, your efforts will be useless.

Clean As You Go

If you want to keep your juicer in great working condition and spotless, you may want to clean it right after using it.

Leaving vegetable and fruit pulp or fibers sitting on your appliance for long can lead to the growth of mold or even stain your juicer.

Moreover, it will be harder to clean the juicer with dry fruit fibers on it.

Use the Right Brush

You need a brush to clean some of the parts of your juicer but not just any brush. For instance, the filter is one of the hardest parts to clean.

The best brush to use when cleaning this intricate part is a stiff-bristled handheld one. The brush has to be small enough to get into the filter and clean it. Avoid using a sponge because you will only be spreading particles around instead of cleaning the filter.

On the other hand, you want a long soft-bristled brush to clean the juicing part of the appliance.

Clean Appliance, Healthier Juice

Cleaning your Jack Lalanne power juice may feel difficult at first but after doing it a couple of times, you will realize that it becomes easier.

As we emphasized in a tip above, cleaning your juicer after each use ensures that it does not stain. What we did not mention is that when you leave appliance dirty for long, bacteria get to hide in some parts and this may contaminate your juice the next time you use the juicer.

Dont’s of Cleaning Your Power Juicer

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when cleaning your juicer.

Never use hot water to wash your juicer parts as this can deform them. But you will not be drinking the parts so what is the fuss about? Sure, that is true but a slight change in the shape of a part can negatively affect the performance of your juicer.

Hot water can destroy the magnetic sensors in your juicer. This can prevent your appliance from running or even lead to juice leaking into the motor. Do we need to tell you how dangerous that is?

You will be better off using warm water.

Do not use a knife to remove fruit or vegetable fibers from your juicer’s filter. This can cause irreparable damage and we are sure you do not want that.

We already talked about the kind of brush you should use your filter so go ahead and get yourself one.

Clean your juicer as soon as you finish juicing. Failure to do that can cause limescale or dried juice residue to build-up blocking the holes on the screen.

This will cause pressure the next time you juice and ultimately the breaking of your juicing screen.


Owning a juicer is one thing but maintaining and keeping it clean is a different ball game altogether. This is the reason why many people buy this appliance and end up decorating their cabinets with it instead of using it.

We have broken down the process of cleaning the Jack LaLanne Power juicer so you shouldn’t have a hard time with yours.

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