How to Use a Waffle Maker that Flips: Step By Step Guide

Who wouldn’t want fluffy and crispy homemade waffles for their breakfast? It could even be a daytime or nighttime snack – whatever suits your fancy. 

You may not know this but in the past, if you wanted waffles, you had to wait on a long-handled iron in fire to get yours perfectly cooked and browned.

Although there have been significant changes, modern waffle makers still require you to put in a little more effort than turning on the device.

This is why you may want to get yourself a waffle maker that flips. Of course, you wouldn’t have to look for a spoon to turn your waffles over because you would simply have to flip the device.

If you have no idea how this kind of waffle maker works;

Here is, How to Use a Waffle Maker that Flips

Step 1

The first thing you want to do is brush a bit of vegetable or canola oil onto the cooking surface. Use a paper towel to wipe off any excess oil.

Once that is done, plug in the waffle maker to a power source, and preheat.

Tip: Never use aerosol cooking spray to condition your waffle maker’s cooking surface. This is because the chemicals in the spray are likely to accumulate on the waffle plates hence reducing their effectiveness.

Step 2

You want to have your waffle batter at hand. It can be a mix or recipe that generally contains milk or water, flour, oil or butter, and eggs.

Refrain from over mixing the batter because this will activate the gluten in the flour, which will make your waffles more rubbery instead of crisp.

If you are making yeast waffles, give the batter time to rise.

Step 3

On the lower waffle plate, pour the batter evenly. Refer to the waffle maker’s user manual to find out the correct amount of batter to use per waffle.

Step 4

Upon pouring the batter, close the waffle maker’s lid. Wait for an indicator that one side is cooked. At this point, you want to flip the device over so that your waffles cook evenly.

Allow your waffles to cook without opening the lid. Wait until the indicator signals that your waffles are ready.

This will usually be a beep or an indicator light. 

Step 5

Now that your waffles are ready, you want to remove them from the waffle maker. Do this carefully using a non-metallic spatula.

Step 6

Disconnect your waffle maker from the power outlet and allow it to cool. Use a dry cloth to wipe off any debris and store it away.

Tips for Using a Waffle Maker

  • If your waffles tend to tear or stick when removing them, add more eggs, or oil to your batter
  • If you intend to freeze your waffles, ensure that they are well done
  • You can freeze waffles for a few months
  • Pancake mix produces just as good waffles
  • Never use water to clean your waffle plates as this can destroy their non-stick coating
  • You can keep your waffles warm by placing them in a cookie sheet or rack in a preheated cooker set to 300ºF 
  • Do not stack waffles, as they may turn soggy. Simply put them in a preheated toaster to reheat them

Final Thoughts

Waffles make a great breakfast accompaniment or even snack in between meals. Making waffle batter is easy as long as use the right proportions when it comes to ingredients.

You also want to avoid overbeating your batter as this activates the gluten in the flour. After all, no one wants rubbery waffles right?

A waffle maker that flips will save you the trouble of having to open and turn your waffles so that they can cook evenly.

We believe this article has taught you how to do that so go ahead and enjoy your waffles!

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