How to Use Good Cook Can Opener: Step By Step Guide

If you love to buy canned food, a can opener should be an essential in your kitchen. Otherwise, how else are going to open that can of tomatoes or tuna?

Now, you want to keep in mind that there are many can openers in the market so you want to pick wisely.

We found the Good Cook can opener to be a safe, easy, and reliable way to open your cans. Why would we say that? There are a few reasons why but the main one is because this kitchen tool does not have its blade exposed.

It also has a streamlined and stylish look that will add aesthetic to your kitchen. Without wasting any more time, let us get into how this tool works.

How to Use It (Good Cook Can Opener)

Using this tool is not difficult at all but you need to know how so that you can decide for yourself so here goes.

Step 1

The first thing you want to do is place the can you want to open on a stable surface. After that, attach the steel wheel of your can opener to the top of the can.

Step 2

Wind the can opener’s handle until it goes all the way around the can. This winding motion is what actually opens your can.

Step 3

After twisting, you will have a cut on your can. At this point, you want to wind a half turn back to discharge the opener.

Step 4

Congratulations! You have successfully opened your can. After using it, it is advisable to rinse it in warm water and dry it with a towel before storing away.

Benefits of Using the Good Cook Can Opener

  • Original design that leaves seamless, safe edges even after cutting
  • No exposed blade hence no sharp edges
  • Cutting wheel does not come into contact with food thus reducing the risk of contamination
  • Easy to use
  • Streamlined design for aesthetic appeal

Care and Maintenance

For your Good Cook can opener to last a long time, you want to take good care of it. Here are some measures to ensure that this happens.

  1. Clean your opener after each use to avoid the risk of cross-contamination
  2. Avoid cleaning your can opener in the dishwasher as it may be damaged. Instead, use warm water, mild soap, and a sponge to clean. Dry it afterwards before storing
  3. If your can opener begins to corrode, soak it overnight in white vinegar, and scrub it clean with a brush the following day. Rinse with water and dry before storing

What to Look for in a Can Opener

For you to get the best out of your can opener, you want to consider several factors including:

(1) Opt for a metallic base if the opener you are buying is a manual one. The valves and handles can be plastic or rubber but if they are made of steel, it should be of high quality to avoid rusting.

(2) If you do not have previous experience using a can opener, go for a beginner friendly model that is simple and easy to use.

(3) Look for online reviews and ask for recommendations to get an idea about the quality and performance of the can opener you intend to buy.

(4) Buy your opener from reputable brands because they usually offer original and quality products.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, a full guide on how to use Good Cook can opener on your own at home.

Opening your cans can be a daunting task but it gets easier when you get yourself a can opener. The Good Cook can opener can be that kitchen partner that you have always been looking for.

It is easy to use, safe, and adds aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. We do not know about you but we think these reasons are enough to make us purchase this tool.

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