How to Use Pampered Chef Spiralizer: Step By Step Guide

You are probably a carb lover and that is why you are here. We know very well how hard it is to regulate the intake of those pastries or even pasta.

Well, if you have been trying a low-carb diet without success, perhaps you want to try the pampered chef spiralizer.

It is simply a kitchen tool that allows you to make noodles from fresh fruit and vegetables. Yes, you heard that right.

We are sure that you will appreciate the fact that spiralizing your food will not take too much time but you probably do not know where to begin when using the tool.

So, Here is How to Use Pampered Chef Spiralizer

Step 1

Assemble your spiralizer by putting the non-slip base into place and attaching the main body on top. Attach the blade guard to the body and ensure that it is in place. Place the food pressure on top of the guard.

Once you do this, you can get the other assembling steps from the user manual.

Step 2

Choose and prepare the food you want to spiralize. This is possible with any vegetable or fruit as long as fits in the food attachment section of your machine. Some common choices include apple, zucchini, potatoes, and cucumber.

Step 3

Once you pick your food of choice, clean thoroughly under running water, and pat dry using a clean cloth or paper towel.

Now, the spiralizer comes with different blades that spiralize food differently so you want to pick the one you want.

Step 4

After picking your blade of choice, insert it into the spiralizer. For accurate and safe insertion, refer to the user manual.

Usually, this will happen by just sliding the blade attachment into an opening until it locks into place. Even if you do not hear the lock sound, ensure that the blade is attached firmly in place.

Step 5

Place the food you want to be spiralized into the food attachment in your tool to be spiralized. The food attachment comprises of a plastic arm and a blade side with spikes to hold food in place.

The opposite side of the arm has a crank. Your food should be between the arm and the blades at this point. It may be necessary to cut the ends off your food for it to fit better in the attachment.

Step 6

Turn the crank to begin spiralizing your food. As you spin the crank and turn your food, your spiralizer’s blades will make noodles or ribbons out of your food.

The pampered chef spiralizer does not come with a storage compartment so you may want to have a bowl or container at hand to deposit your processed food.

Tips for Using the Pampered Chef Spiralizer

  1. Wash your fruits or vegetables thoroughly under running water to avoid cross-contamination.
  2. Trim the ends of your produce to create a stable, flat base.
  3. If you are spiralizing fruits like pears or apples, be sure to remove the core.
  4. Peel off tough root vegetables such as butternut squash.
  5. For wide vegetables, cut them into halves or thirds so that they can fit in the food compartment.
  6. Microwave firm and huge vegetables such as rutabaga. This makes them easier to cut.
  7. If you want to turn your vegetable noodles into rice, you may want to do that in small portions.
  8. Apply more pressure when spiraling firm or narrow vegetables such as butternut squash or carrots. Press and turn the center of the spiralizer handle if you need more control. This repositions the food.
  9. Use fresh produce for best results. When vegetables and fruits are fresh, they tend to be firmer hence easy to spiral.
  10. If you are going to spiralize many fruits and vegetables in a row, get a small cleaning brush to clear your blades every now and then.

Benefits of Spiralizing

You are probably wondering why you should spiral your food instead of eating it whole. For some people, this sounds like a waste of time and money.

However, spiralizing your food does come with several benefits including:

(1) It is a guilty-free and healthy way to have pasta and fettuccine at any time

(2) You get to save money as fruits and vegetables are cheaper than noodles or pasta

(3) The process of spiraling is fun and can be a great way to bond with your kids as well as entice them into eating more vegetables and fruits

(4) The spiralizer not only makes noodles but a few other food shapes that may interest you

Chef Hack: If you have any leftover food from spiralizing, do not throw it away. When you trim the ends of your fruits and veggies, put them in resealable bags and store in the freezer. These can be used later in stew, soup, or stock.

For leftover vegetables, chop them finely, sauté, and use in rice, pasta sauce, egg scrambles and omelets.

Leftover cucumber can be used to make infused water while scraps from butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and other vegetables make good baby food.

Tips for Storing Spiralized Foods

Here are more tips on how to get the most out of your processed vegetables and fruits.

  • Spiralize your food on the day you intend to use it to get the most nutrients.
  • Processed food can be stored for up to 3 days in the fridge. Just ensure it is in an airtight container.
  • Firm vegetables like butternut squash, carrots, and root vegetables can be processed and frozen in a resealable bag or an airtight container. However, when you cook them, you want to slightly increase the cook time and stir the noodles to break them up.
  • To prevent potatoes, apples, parsnips, and golden beets from oxidizing or browning, mix equal parts water and lemon juice and soak the noodles until fully coated.

Final Thoughts

Living a healthy life is not as easy as it sounds. It takes commitment and effort to get it done. If you are having a hard time eating clean, the pampered chef spiralizer may be of help.

Although you cannot trick your mind into thinking that you are eating actual noodles, you might just find yourself enjoying spiralized vegetables and fruit.

Go ahead and get yourself this tool today.

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