How to Use Tornado Can Opener: Step By Step Guide

You probably buy canned products all the time but even if you only do it occasionally, you will need a can opener at hand.

Well, as you make your choice in respect to what can opener you are going to buy, you may want to consider the Tornado can opener.

Why this particular one? We will be honest with you. What we loved most about this opener is that it runs on batteries and opens cans with just the touch of a button.

This is unlike conventional can openers that you have to twist manually and dedicate some minutes to do it.

The Tornado Can Opener literally comes with the power of a tornado. What this means is that it is speedy and powerful.

Anyway, let us dive right into how this tool functions.

How to Use Tornado Can Opener

This can opener is easy to use but let us look at the instructions to see how true that is. For sure, by the end of this section, you should know a thing or two about how you can use a tornado can opener on your own.

Step 1

Before doing anything else, you want to install the opener with four AA batteries. Of course, there is a slot for that.

Step 2

You want to open the battery slot and place the opener on your hands with the on/off switch facing up. Place a thumb under the flap of the can opener’s tail. Do this using your free hand while holding the tool firmly.

Step 3

At this point, you want to apply upward pressure to detach the top section of the opener. This should expose the can opener’s battery compartment. Put the batteries in and you are ready to begin using the can opener.

Step 4

Place the can on a stable surface and ensure that its edge is between the can opener’s gear and blade. Apply a bit of pressure as you place the Tornado on the can.

Step 5

Press the on button for a moment and release it as soon as the opener begins to cut. Let the can opener make a full turn around the can and then turn it off.

The Tornado can opener has a magnet at its center that will pick up the can’s lid,

Note: This can opener cannot open cans with uneven corners or rimless cans.

Benefits of Using It

You get to enjoy several benefits when you purchase this can opener. They include:

  • It comes with a hands-free design, which means that you just need to press a button for it to cut
  • Features a retrieval magnet for picking up lids once you open your cans
  • Has twice the power of regular can openers
  • Eliminates sharp edges hence safe
  • Can cut any can thickness or size
  • Perfect for persons suffering from joint problems

Care and Maintenance

Obviously, you want your can opener to last. As such, you want to take proper care of it and here is what you can do to that effect.

(1) Use a damp sponge or piece of cloth to wipe the surface of the opener clean.

(2) Never clean the Tornado in a dishwasher or under running water.

(3) Avoid using abrasives when cleaning it.

(4) Keep the can opener in a cool dry place after using it. Moisture is not your friend here.

Final Thoughts

If you suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, or any joint condition, you should seriously consider purchasing the Tornado can opener especially now that you’ve learned how to use one.

We have already told you that it is a hands-free device so you can imagine how much trouble it is going to save you. That is not all; this opener is also speedy and powerful meaning that you do not have to spend too much time opening cans.

You will also love that this opener picks up lids after opening cans. We believe you are sold on this so go ahead and get your can opener today.

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